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Youth Congress - Planet Fraternity

Live an experience of fraternity, offer hope to the world

As part of the OIEC Congress, the OIEC invites 50 young people from 5 continents, participants in the Planet Fraternity project, for a meeting of fraternity. During these three days, these young people will be able to share and offer their hopes with the participants of the Congress, and to experience highlights between them. 

Planet Fraternity, an OIEC project for meeting and dialogue on a world scale

Planet OIEC is a project that allows OIEC students and educational teams to create bonds of fraternity by working together on topical issues.

Goals :

• Allow close collaboration between cultures,

• Reaffirm the OIEC community around the world,

• Encourage the creativity of our students by solving real problems of which they themselves are aware and which give rise to critical thinking in them. 

Information on the Youth Congress - Planet Fraternity

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