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(indicative program subject to subsequent changes)


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November 30, 2022

2.00 pm - 6.00 pm

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Accreditations (Pharo Palace)


9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Facilities. Partner Fair


5:00 p.m.  Opening Mass at Marseille Cathedral

30 novembre

1 December 2022

7:25am Sanctuary Notre Dame de la Garde, Mass with integrated Lauds (in French)


8:00am - 6:00pù Accreditations (Palais du Pharo)

8:00am Mass in Spanish in the Saint Victor Basilica


9:00am - 6:00pm Partner Lounge

9.15am Opening Ceremony of the Congress (Palais du Pharo)

Opening by Philippe Richard, Secretary General of the OIEC

Welcome speech

The Diocesan Director of Catholic Education of Marseille,Jacques Le Loup


The General Secretary of the SGEC,Philippe Delorme

Mr. Deputy Mayor of Marseille in charge of education,Pierre Huguet

His Eminence the Cardinal Jean-Marc Aveline, Archbishop of Marseilles


Reading of the message of Pope Francis at the OIEC Congress

Speech by Mr.Paul Barber, President of the OIEC

10:45am coffee break

11.15am Give Hope!

"The Mediterranean as a living laboratory of the dysfunctions of the world and as hope". Cardinal Jean-Marc Aveline, Archbishop of Marseilles.

"The Catholic school as a sacrament of hope”, Father Anthony Gittins, CSSp, Emeritus Professor of Theology and Culture, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, USA, and Madeline Forde, Australia, Member of the International Youth Advisory Council, Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life (Vatican). 


"The Global Pact for Education, a call to Catholic schools. Come cast your nets and follow me";Father Luiz Klein, SJ, CPAL Education Delegate, Lima, Peru.

1pm Meal on site (lunch cocktail)

1:30pm : Workshop led by SM "Current needs of the Catholic school and SM's responses" (in Spanish)

1:30pm : Workshop led by Scolarest - Compass Group France "Limiting inflation in collective catering: context and solutions" (in French)

2:00pm : Round table: "Educating for universal fraternity in a multi-religious educational context». How to create the conditions for a culture of dialogue, in the spirit of the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Coexistence commonly known as the Abu Dhabi Declaration.

Listening to our Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist brothers... engaged in educational service.To build universal fraternity together and through education.

Round Table moderated by Sister Mirna Farah, sdc, Lebanon. .


With the participation of Cheick Mohamad Nokari(Lebanon),Ber Bleurink(Netherlands), Mihalea Zabava (Romania), Bishop Theodoros Kodidis (Greece), Assane Alamine (Niger), and .et Annette Scheunpflug , GPEN (Germany).

4:00pm Coffee break

4:30pm The Catholic Schools of Marseille present themselves.

From 6pm : Cocktail Dinner sponsored by the Congress partners (Palais du Pharo)

1 décembre

2 December 2022

08:00 - 18:00

7:25am Sanctuary Notre Dame de la Garde, Mass with integrated Lauds (in French)


8am - 10 am  Accreditations  (Pharo Palace)


8am  Mass in English at Saint Victor Basilica


9am- 6pm  Sponsors lounge


 9:15am: “OIEC engaged with the Global Educational Pact ”, Sequence animated by Juan Antonio Ojeda Ortiz, fsc,Adviser to the Congregation for Catholic Education and responsible for educational projects at the OIEC. With the

involvement of Maria Cinque,Member of the scientific committee of the Educational Pact of the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Holy See


10:30am : Coffee break


11:00am : "Meaning of a Catholic School in a Muslim Country";


His Eminence Cardinal Cristobal Lopez, Archbishop of Rabat (Morocco)

Intervention of Fr Alain Romaine, Episcopal Delegate for Catholic Education in Mauritius


12:00 pm: Presentation of the Global Catholic Education Report 2022 by Quentin Wodon, Lead Economist at the World Bank and Global Catholic Education project manager, followed by a presentation of GRACE (Global Researchers Advancing Catholic Education), by Melody Wyttenbach , Boston College and
Fr Eamonn Conway, University of Notre Dame Australia.


1:00pm: Lunch break

1pm Workshop led by Marseille schools (in French):"Private micro-college and micro-high school in Marseille".

1:30pm: Workshop led by Nacel “Open your establishment to welcoming international high school students!” " (in french)

1:30pm : Workshop led by Catholic Virtual: (in english and spanish :

"Online courses in Catholic schools - Preparing Students for global life").


2:00pm: OIEC Members involved in the construction of the education village

sharing experiences and best practices from all over the world led by Father Alain Manalo, Philippines.


4pm: Coffee break 


4:15pm : Project displayPlanet Fraternity, by Hervé Lecomte, Project Manager (OIEC)and Youth Video Contest Awards CeremonyPlanet Fraternity

5:00pm : Presentation of the documentary film on Pope Francis“Francesco”,  made by Evgeny Afineevsky, American-Israeli Oscar-nominated director.

Free evening

affiche Francesco.png
2 décembre

3 December 2022

7:25am : Sanctuary Notre Dame de la Garde, Mass with integrated Lauds (in French)


9 am - 6 pm :  Sponsors lounge


9:15am : A conversation with  Evgeny Afineevsky, around the documentary film francisco


10am : Under what conditions can the Church, through its schools, play a role in Education 2030?


"What educational innovations for Catholic schools at the time of the Global Educational Pact?", Intervention of Sister Martha Seide, of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians – Salesian of Don Bosco, Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Education Auxilium in Rome and in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

"Presentation of an experience initiated by the Mexican Episcopal Conference of educational workshops for parents", intervention by Don Alfonso Cortés Contreras, Archbishop of Leon (Mexico).

11:15am : Coffee break


11:45am : "Global Education Monitoring Report 2021/2: Non-State Actors and Education", speech by Mrs.Anna Christina d'Addio, Senior Policy Analyst (Theme Leader), in charge of the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report at UNESCO.


12:45am : Lunch break


1:15pm : Workshop led by Academica International Studies: "Bilingualism and biculturalism within reach of your students: how the partnership with Academica Dual Diploma aligns with your school’s mission"

Salle de projection 50

1:45pm :

"Mending the torn fabric of the world together», Statement byAbdennour Bidar, philosopher, specialist in the current evolutions of Islam and the changes in the spiritual life in the contemporary world, in charge of mission on the Pedagogy of secularism by the French Ministry of National Education and the High Council at the integration (France).

2:30pm : Closing ceremony :

Final Adress by His Excellency Mgr Paul Tighe, Secretary of the Dicastery for Culture and Education.

Speech by the new President of the OIEC and the new Secretary General


Presentation of the members of the Executive Council



4:00pm : Departure on foot for Saint Victor basilica


4:30pm Mass at Saint-Victor Basilic


From 7:30pm, Sit-down Dinner and Festive Evening. Anniversary of the OIEC (Palais du Pharo)

3 décembre




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